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Most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Hello folks, here are the most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Bollywood Classic Movie of the day – Kaala Patthar

Kala Patthar
Inspired by true story nn 27th Dec 1975, the ‘Chasanala’ charcoal mine in Bihar got flooded with water in which 572 workers were caught. It is an intensely dramatic film about the human heart; that as long as it beats with love and with hope, there will always be a dawn waiting at end of the blackest of nights.
The movie revolves around Vijay Pal Singh(Amitabh Bachchan);a Merchant Navy officer of high principles. A sea-storm one night has him and his colleagues saving their own lives rather than those of the passengers. Later Vijay finds out that the ship survived the storm and all passengers were safe and Vijay in turn is branded as a coward, court-martial led and left to live a disgraced life. Vijay starts working as a coal-mine worker leaving his unpleasant past behind him. In the deep[ dark tunnels of the coal mine Vijay lives as anonymous life of solitude where he tries to escape from the haunting demons of his past. Ravi Malhotra(Shashi Kapoor) starts work as the new engineer. He is a young, dashing, young and energetic engineer and the two become good friends. Anita(Parveen Babi), is a journalist who wants to write about the plight of the mine workers and falls in love with Ravi. Dr.Sudha(Rakhee) takes over from Dr. Mathur (Sanjeev Kumar in a very short guest role). She strikes a bond with Vijay and awakens Vijay from his dreary life and haunted past and urges him to fight his inner self,to come to terms with reality.Vijay falls in love with Dr.Sudha but they cannot meet each other due to the difference in their social standing. Mangal (Shatrughan SInha) is a escaped convict who lands up at the coal mine in order to escape the wrath of the law, a bully by nature Mangal strikes a natural enmity with Vijay and the two constantly clash. Seth Dhanraj(Prem Chopra)wants to dig the mine deeper and deeper to make more profits, in the process risking the lives of numerous workers as the water level is very close to the point of digging. As expected the water bursts and floods the mine and how Vijay,Ravi and Mangal rescue the workers from the mines in the end forms the crux of the story. But the story goes beyond that, Salim-Javed once again capture a moment in time, the plight of the mazdhoor, the grass-root level working man of India and his troubles have been magnificently painted on celluloid with a sense of earthy reality.
We give a rating of ****(4 Star) and categorize as a MUST Watch for our fans. Enjoy the movie. The CDs are easily available on market or you can watch them on TV in one of the film channels…Happy Watching guys…

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