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Mere Dad Ki Maruti Review

Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and Half Star)
Star cast: Ram Kapoor, Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty, Prabal Punjabi and Ravi Kishan
Director: Ashima Chibber
What’s Good: comic elements, dialogues, the sudden break-into-YashRaj-films modes, performances of Prabal Punjabi, Saqib and Ram in the given order!
What’s Bad: The abrupt climax and the emotional flavor towards the end. Few loose ends in the plot.
Loo break: If you had too much of cold drinks then Yes! otherwise No.
Watch or Not?: Its always good to watch and having Yash Raj brand for a comedy movie we categorize this movie as a One Time Watch. If you are cricket fan than we recommend enjoy India’s batting this weekend(Sikhar Dhawan’s brilliant kncok) rather than watching the movie.
Sameer Khullar (Saqib Saleem) the useless side of  Khullar family is nothing but a no-sense useless guy, tired by the daily miseries caused by his khadus dad, Tej (Ram Kapoor)! Tej, the DAD, is kanjoos and loves getting things FREE! But there is one wish he needs to fulfill: a Maruti car that he wants to vidaa his soon-to-be-wed-daughter in! The Punjabi wedding, which serves as the perfect backdrop of the perky and crazily dysfunctional family, results in a course of mayhem when Sameer, the ullu da pattha, ponders on a dream date with The Chandigarh di Shakira aka Jazleen and ends up losing his Dad ki Maruti. What follows then is a fight to the finish battle between Sameer’s idiocrasy and intelligence to get back his Dad’s Maruti back on time!
Landing up in a No-Man’s Land, Sameer Khullar, does almost everything: from churaofying someone else’s’ Maruti to taking help from the local goons with a fierce Ravi Kishan pounding his paws upon the happy go lucky Khullar lad. With his BFAM (Brother from another Mother, silly!) Gattu (Prabal Punjabi) and his ladylove Jazzleen by his side, Sameer embarks on his journey from the insane to the insaan. Will Sameer be able to find his Dad’s lost car? Will Sameer and Tej put an end to their volatile baap v/s beta relationship?
Playing the temperamental and always screaming Punjabi dad with aplomb and panache, Ram Kapoor definitely deserves a lot more, given his excellent ability to emote. The switch-over towards the climax is simply breathtaking.
Saqib Saleem as Sameer Khullar adds to the perfect mix of dumbness and wit and is a sure winner. Rhea Chakraborty, effortlessly plays the dumb and self obsessed bimbette Jasleen with the much needed doltishness which is just on the levels of getting irritating, but she stops at the right juncture. Nevertheless, Rhea in her neon salwar suits, lehngas and the infamous short tees and hot pants tries to do an Anushka Sharma, sans the immense acting consort that our Akira is profound of.
Coming to the supporting cast which balances this mad cap family caper oh-so-brilliantly, it is Prabal Punjabi and his terrific timing that keeps you on the edge of your seats, LOL-ing around! He sure gets the best lines and the chemistry between the two brothers seem to shade out the dull chemistry between the lead pair. Ravi Kishan as the no-nonsense goon is okayish.


  1. Watched it yesterday, what a movie, light moments, full of laughter and Ram Kapoor rocks. Even the new comers have done a good job, but for sure Bollywood has got a new father in the form of Ram kapoor. He is the best

  2. The movie is so so...not that great...yes Ram Kapoor was good.


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