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Most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Hello folks, here are the most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Ardh Satya

Ardh Satya

Director: Govind Nihalani
Writers: Dilip Chitre (poems), Vasant Dev (dialogue)
Stars: Om Puri, Smita Patil, Amrish Puri

“Ardh Satya” is one of the finest film ever made in Indian Cinema. Directed by the great director Govind Nihalani, this one is the most successful Hard Hitting Parallel Cinema which also turned out to be a Commercial Success. Even today, Ardh Satya is an inspiration for all leading directors of India.
The film tells the Real-life Scenario of Mumbai Police of the 70s. Unlike any Police of other cities in India, Mumbai Police encompasses a Different system altogether. Govind Nihalani creates a very practical Outlay with real life approach of Mumbai Police Environment.
Amongst various Police officers & colleagues, the film describes the story of Anand Velankar, a young hot-blooded Cop coming from a poor family. His father is a harsh Police Constable. Anand himself suffers from his father’s ideologies & incidences of his father’s Atrocities on his mother. Anand’s approach towards immediate action against crime, is an inert craving for his own Job satisfaction. The film is here revolved in a Plot wherein Anand’s constant efforts against crime are trampled by his seniors.This leads to frustrations, as he cannot achieve the desired Job-satisfaction. Resulting from the frustrations, his anger is expressed in excessive violence in the remand rooms & bars, also turning him to an alcoholic.
The Spirit within him is still alive, as he constantly fights the system. He is aware of the system of the Metro, where the Police & Politicians are a inertly associated by far end. His compromise towards unethical practice is negative. Finally he gets suspended.
The Practical approach of Script is a major Punch. Alcoholism, Corruption, Political Influence, Courage, Deceptions all are integral part of Mumbai police even today. Those aspects are dealt brilliantly.
The movie not only brings to focus the difficulties faced by a police officer trying to do his duty but also the other side of brutalities in police custody. Om Puri captures hopelessness and the burning desire to break free in this exceptional performance in Ardh Satya.
Last but certainly not least, Smita Patil is first-rate in a role that was totally in need of someone with her intellectual capabilities and would have turned into inconsequential by a lesser actress. This is not at all one of those powerful author-backed roles she was known for playing, but it’s still a very special one in her career. She does not try to impress or steal the show. As Jyotsna, she is natural, pleasant and exudes a certain warmth that is missing in the film. Above all, she had the ability to listen. I highly recommend you to observe the scene in which Anant shares with her his deep devastation towards the end. This scene, devoid of clichés, is one of the finest in the film, showing Om Puri’s highpoint but at the same time Patil’s wonderfully unconventional reaction of just being there, quietly listening and ultimately lending him a hand of support. The film’s climax is most unexpected, and Ardh Satya is overall an excellent, involving movie that is highly recommended.

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