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Rangrezz review

Rangrezz review

Rating: 2.5/5 stars (Two and half Star)
Star cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Priya Anand, Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma, Raghav Chanana, Rajpal Yadav
Director: Priyadarshan
What’s Good: Director’s(Priyadarshan) idea before the movie is released!!!
What’s Bad: The pitiable dialogue delivery, effortless dubbing at times and the repetitive thrills throughout. The acting part is understood.
Loo break: Kabhi bhi
Watch or Not?: The movie is good for those who do not believe in love or lost trust at it. But pity acting and sloopy story telling makes it a One time Watch  movie.
Rishi (Jackky), Vinu (Amitosh) and Pakya (Vijay) are three friends living the simple ordinary life. The protagonist believes in living a moralistic life and championing the right cause, then there is the simpleton who wants to set up a computer center and earn a decent living while the third is a typical tapori with the best one liners and providing comic relief.If these characters seem prototype then wait till you are introduced to the premise. When  langoti yaar of these 3 friends Joy (Raghav) tries to commit suicide over matters of the heart, the trio jump into action deciding they will put their lives on the line to unite the lovers. Having successful careers can wait, cause nothing is more exciting than some car chases, kidnapping drama and heart wrenching monologues about friendship and sacrifice.
The rage and passion of betrayal are astutely captured in the narration. Priyadarshan takes the original Tamil film Naadodigal and twists it into a coiled engrossing saga of how lust can often be a convenient pretext for love. The film poses some disturbing questions on the lack of genuine commitment in today’s relationships. What we love is just hormones and chemical at work? In an urgent rush of energy and adrenaline,Rangrezz poses this question.
Priyadarshan spins a mean story told with a flair for violent flare-ups that are shot with gumption and gusto. It’s a film with a number of advantages, the performances topping the list.
While Amitosh Nagpal, Vijay Verma and the redoubtable Rajpal Yadav as the protagonist’s buddies in arms are first-rate, Jackky Bhagnani as the boy next door, who doesn’t think twice before plunging viciously into a friend’s love problem, gives a quietly self-assured performance. His character Rishi hardly sings and dances. But you know he can. You can sense the rhythm simmering under the surface of discontent.

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  1. I saw this movie at Wave cinema and found it an okay-ish movie. Though the idea of "friends forever" was just recycled by the film makers. The actors loyal audience would surly watch it.


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