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Most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Hello folks, here are the most profitable Bollywood movies 2016

Why does movies like Sultan make 600 crores and Budhia singh-born to run fail to impress at Box office?

In recent times we have seen good movies like Budhia singh- born to run hardly impress at Box office but movies like Sultan which made 600 crores+.
is there a fundamental problem in Bollywood which will never change? The Dominance of khans or any big banners capturing all the screens and not allow small banner films to screen their movies is clearly visible.
This is not the first time this has happened, many good movies in the past never had good box-office collection compared to mediocre movies of khan’s collecting way over 500 crores at box office.
Is it only the fan base of these actors drive any box office collection? when do you think people will come out and watch a decent movie in theater?

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